My Grandmamma’s Amazing Graham Cracker Candy

I have memories of my Grandmamma’s graham cracker candy. The other day I heard my dad mention his mother’s unforgettable Christmas candy. I was able to find her recipe and attempted making it for our Christmas. Though its not not quite the same as hers, it’s still delicious. (My confession: I’ve eaten more than my share.)

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Gift Giving at Christmas

It’s that time of year when we often think of blessing our family and friends with gifts. I often wish for creative yet non-elaborate ideas that will be appreciated and useful.

Here are some gift giving ideas and personal thoughts on Christmas giving:

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DIY Dried Apples for a Healthy Snack Option

I was recently at my friend’s place and was offered some delicious dried apples. I noticed each apple slice had a delicate, ruffled edge. I was impressed with my friend’s creation and asked her how she did it. She used an Oneida slicer to thinly cut her pink lady apples. The peeling was left on, thus producing the delicate, ruffled edge once dried. My friend kindly let me borrow her slicer and my mom shared some of her apples with us. I was going to dry the apples in the oven on a low temperature setting; however, when I mentioned to mom what I was going to do with the apples she offered her dryer.

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A Craigslist “Steal” Isn’t Always a Deal!

We’ve been looking for a microwave hutch since our recent move. I’ve been fairly selective about what it should look like; however, the perfect one wasn’t appearing on Craigslist as soon as I was wanting it to. Then on Black Friday afternoon we noticed a white hutch on Craigslist that looked like it had potential for the small vacant space beside our fridge. Initially, when I saw the hutch I wasn’t thrilled with all of its decorative features; however, I decided it would probably be workable. I also knew purchasing a microwave hutch would result in more counter top space in our kitchen. Certainly, this was a win-win situation. Right? Eric called the person who had listed it and asked if we could come yet that afternoon to pick it up.

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Reflections on This Past Thanksgiving Season

I tried several times to write down my thoughts over the Thanksgiving season. However, my thoughts were jumbled, physically I wasn’t feeling well, and I was struggling to honestly express gratitude in the midst of some of our present circumstances.

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