Gift Giving at Christmas

It’s that time of year when we often think of blessing our family and friends with gifts. I often wish for creative yet non-elaborate ideas that will be appreciated and useful.

Here are some gift giving ideas and personal thoughts on Christmas giving:

  • Eric, my dear husband and now college graduate, needed a little something for his classmates and teachers. I made granola bars and wrapped them individually. Though there are often lots of sweets given around this time of year, the students seemed to be appreciative of something homemade with some substance to it. It was exam week. 🙂


  • I’ve been spending time at my mother’s place learning the art of making apple nut bread. I was helping her out with a large baking order and was able to bring several smaller loaves home. I plan to give several of them to our new neighbors.


  • One of our elderly neighbors often speaks of feeling lonely since her beloved husband passed away last year. Eric and I have invited her over for a Christmas meal. Sometimes the best gifts are not things but giving the gift of ourselves and our time. (Perhaps I can post a picture later. Mary is coming over tomorrow evening!)
  • Last year I had the Libbey kids help me make Candy Cane playdough to give to our nieces and nephews who had just lost their little sister. Money Saving Mom had an excellent post with this idea.

Homemade Gingerbread Playdough   Playdough Mats    Money Saving Mom®Money Saving Mom®

  • My family gets together for Christmas Eve, and does a gift exchange. I enjoy this tradition and find it to be a fun family evening. There is typically talk beforehand about gifts and how it should be done. I will readily admit that I enjoy the gift giving tradition, but I’ve also been challenged particularly by my husband who grew up differently. The following picture was Christmas ’08 when much to our surprise my brother, Eldon managed to return from the tropics. Gary graciously sported his new Guatemalan hat for this picture.


  • Before I was married I would hear mention of sponsoring a child. I thought the ideas was commendable; however, I didn’t think I could personally commit to doing it on a monthly basis. When Eric and I got married, I was a bit surprised to find out that he had been sponsoring a child for some time. At first it felt like it was just something I needed to do in effort to support his desire to help; however, as time went by I became personally blessed. We often receive a letter from the child that we sponsor at Christmas. We also have opportunity to bless him with a monetary Christmas gift. When Eric shows me our sponsor’s letters, it nearly brings tears to my eyes. The child that we sponsor is so grateful; I have so much in comparison to what he has.


Blessings as you give this Christmas season.  May we gratefully accept the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

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