Hold Those You Love, Close

There are some stories that almost take your breath away. They make you stop and think about the things in life that really matter.

Last Sunday evening Eric received a phone call from a friend of ours, Darrell Yoder. He was passing through the area heading for home and wondered about spending some time together. 

We were honored to have him in our home. It was also the first time seeing him again in person since the loss of his wife, Tamseela.

I won’t ever forget the time last fall when we met Darrell and his wife. Our meeting was divinely appointed at Trader Joes. I was incredibly blessed by Tamseela’s testimony, her love for her Lord was evident even in the midst of battling cancer.

Our recent Sunday evening visit with Darrel was a blessing. Though his loss is great his heart is turned toward the Father.

After Darrell left Eric and I both held each other tight. The gift of one another took on new meaning.

Reality hit hard this week. Do I see my relationship with Eric as the most precious relationship on this earth aside from my relationship with Jesus Christ?

The little everyday things hold new purpose. I went to see my man at work the other day just because I could. I took him THM ice cream just because he appreciates simple things especially when he’s working hard. I’m going with him to a concert this evening just because he says it will refresh his soul. I’ll go with him to Lowes (and wait in the car) just because it means we can be together.

Eric and I celebrated our third anniversary in June. Just because we thought it would be fun we got all dressed up in our wedding clothes and went downtown. Thanks bro, for going with us and capturing the evening through pictures.

Lord, help me treasure the gifts you give yet hold them with open hands. We’re first Yours.

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  1. Just read that my friend Tamseela died. I am from Germany and met her in 1993 in Abbottabad, when Tamseeela was about 13. We kept a letter and phone friendship until her marriage with Darrell. Then I felt that she is in safety I lost her track. This autumn my husband and me plan a visit in the US and I was just searching for Tamseela in the internet in order to organize to meet her again.


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