Good Price on Kroger Produce for Week of 11/17-11/23

I stopped by Kroger today and was happy to find a good deal on several produce items I needed!

Celery, 1 bunch, $.99

Sweet Potatoes, $.49 Ib

I typically buy red or green leaf lettuce at Kroger since it’s often $.99 a head. We are currently well stocked with greens thanks to Eric’s mom for sending some of her fresh spring mix that she raised in her little green house.

Kroger also has their brand of butter on sale for $1.99 a Ib this week. I stocked up last week when Land O’ Lakes butter was on sale for the same price.

Keep in mind that you can price match sale items at Walmart. I’ve been spoiled to have Kroger only a 1/4 mile from our town house. I’m going to miss running down there to snag nice deals. However, I’m happy to know that I can take the weekly sales flyer to Walmart ¬†and still get some of the same great prices.

Where are your favorite local places to shop for produce?

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