A Birthday Tribute to my Mom

My dear mother is celebrating her 55th birthday today.

She will be at home attending to Yoder’s Store so the rest of the family can help Eric and I move. The guys will be packing our furniture and appliances on a large trailer. We’ll then head for our little home in the country where all the unpacking can begin! My kind mother will then likely come over to help me sort through some of the boxes and make sense out of all the chaos. 

I’ve moved more times in the last couple of years then I’ve moved in my short life time. Each time I’ve relocated (even if it was just downstairs) my mother has been a vital part of the moving process. She comes with her buckets, cleaning rags, boxes and willingness to work. Her cleaning is thorough- each item is dusted before it’s packed. Each space in the box is always well utilized. She offers to make food and considers my current limited diet.

What I appreciate the most about my mom is her willingness to help, to care and simply do whatever needs to be done. There have been times when I’ve called her in tears admitting that I do need help. She’s always dropped her own duties to help shoulder mine. Thank you, mom.

How does a girl navigate through life without her mom? Who does she call when she has questions about homemaking? Who does she ask for help when the task at hand seems too arduous?

I haven’t always appreciated my mother the way I should have. I’ve too often taken her for granted. Now that I have my own home I’m only starting to realize what all my mother did for us. I think of the countless meals she cooked, the mounds of dishes she washed, and the loads of laundry she did. These are only a few of the tasks. Her work was never ending and she faithfully did it day after day. Now she comes and helps me do the very same tasks.

Mom, I hope you know how much I love you. We celebrate the gift of your life today. We will have a real party soon.

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